ADL Management Ltd was set up in 2010 and is a management and booking company run by Anna Di Laurenzio.

I work with bands in a management and/or booking capacity.

Previous artists include: Def Con One, Devilskin (UK), I.C.O.N, Seven Deadly, Bull-Riff Stampede, Iron Knights, Massive Wagons, Monument, De Profundis, Inmoria, Asomvel, The Self Titled, Black Iron Priest, Sabbath Judas Sabbath, Voodoo Six, and 101% Pantera.


Prior to setting up ADL Management, I worked with Blaze Bayley and Voodoo Six:

Blaze Bayley – Band Manager, UK/European Booking Agent, Tour Manager (Sept 2008 – May 2010)

Responsible for:

Album Release, Distribution & Licensing: I promoted and arranged reviews of the live album and DVD (released on the band’s own label in 2009); organised the manufacture and release of the latest album ‘Promise and Terror’ (released 1 February 2010); re-negotiated the distribution deal covering UK and Worldwide; set up licensing deals in the USA & Canada; edited the book ‘At The End Of The Day’ by Lawrence Paterson and arranged interviews and reviews of the book.

Promotion: I worked on the promotion of all tours and arranged interviews and live reviews, I promoted the Promise and Terror album via the press, the fanbase and Ipool; I liaised with PR company Sure Shot Worx to set up interviews and secure maximum coverage of the new album and I set up and ran the Street/E-Team.

Finances: I managed the band finances and was responsible for all income and expenditure.

Tours & Festivals: I booked The Tour That Will Not Die UK Tour 2009 & Promise and Terror UK Tour 2010; I booked two 2010 Promise and Terror European Tours; I booked the band onto various festivals across Europe including the 2010 Bulldog Bash and Hard Rock Hell IV; I was Tour Manager for all tours except South America and one European tour; I started talks with regards to touring the USA; I worked with promoters, agents, press and fans all over the world.

I booked the following tours & festivals for Blaze Bayley:

The Tour That Will Not Die UK 2009
(England, Scotland, Wales)

Promise and Terror UK 2010
(England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Ireland)

Promise and Terror Europe 2010 Part I
(France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium)

Promise and Terror Europe 2010 Part II
(Netherlands, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Poland)

Rockovy Zaber, Slovakia;
MesoiRock Festival, Spain;
Rockmaraton, Hungary;
East Ridings, SOS, Bulldog Bash, Hard Rock Hell IV, UK;
Rockarea Festival, Germany;
Szczecin Metal Meeting, Poland


Voodoo Six – Tour Manager, Online PR (November 2006 – November 2008)

Tours & Festivals: I was Tour Manager for two UK tours:
Supporting Tygers of Pang Tang & Blaze Bayley
April, May 2008 (England, Scotland, Wales)

Headline tour – First Hit For Free
September 2008 (England, Scotland, Wales)
As well as the support tour for Extreme October/November 2008
(Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, France, Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, England)
I also coordinated the band’s appearances at Download and Hammerfest.

Online PR: I promoted events; I set up and ran the Street/E-Team; I ran the Forum and I expanded the fan base. I was responsible for the online PR & marketing campaign for the album ‘First Hit For Free’ and within 3 months I had developed a substantial online presence for the band and increased traffic to the website – all of which helped to generate interest in the band’s first UK tour.